Gear Tips

If you are like me and have a huge head, you will struggle to find hats that keep your poor ears warm on mountain days.

I’m heading to Greenland in August and I was getting slightly concerned my poor ear lobes would drop off in the cold.

Alpkit are the only hat I’ve found that fits my head and fits under my helmet too!

Thank you Alpkit!

My sunglasses are usually with me in my kitbag, I use a pair from the British Company Sunwise. The are light and robust and are up to the task of coping with what I have to throw at them.

So I do recommend Sunwise Summit sunglasses!

Thermal Headover from Highlander

like a snood, you can use this as a scarf keeping you very warm. It’s also hand as a ear warmer with its fleece rim. Or if you are like me it helps keep hair out of your eyes!


A little known company from Richmond in Yorkshire. They do fantastic hiking boots with the price tag of the big names companies. You even can get the boot made to your exact measurements of your feet. I have a pair of dessert sample boots which were made for my Madagascar expedition. The boots worked wonders, light, breathable and no sand got in them. Best boots I’ve had, so much so I’m getting another pair made.


I teamed up with Sueme to test their range of underwear made from tree pulp. Not only was I amazed at how comfy and functional the pants are, but they also great for a range of sports and outdoor activities.