Sorry this is another bit of a litter rant!

Mainly based on a short walk I took today alongside a main road in the countryside, which the morning rush hour mainly consists of cows!

But still the road side is covered in rubbish, from people who have the attitude that one can won’t make a difference! But it seems another 40 people had the same idea.

The most frequently passed bit of litter I passed on a short 2 miles stretch of road, was the McDonald’s cup! Now the nearest McDonald’s to here is a 45min drive to Catterick Garrison. So if it’s been in your car for that long why not keep it for another 10mins and put it in your bin!!

McDonald’s litter seems to be everywhere, I googled pictures of road side rubbish and the majority are McDonald’s wrappers, cups and bags! Surely as a large company that it is, it is time for it to make a change?

Another one I found a lot of is plastic bottles! Now with the plastic bottles, if you look closely most fizzy drinks are made by one company….COKE COLA! Even when you are abroad and the fear of tap drives you to buy bottled water. That water is usually bottled by COKE COLA. So surely with this global problem, this major company should also be looking for a solution.

Another thing what has got to me recently, is people’s attitude in places like the countryside where I am. Being nowhere near the coast people seem to think the litter they drop, will never make it into our oceans.

What do you think?

Rant over!

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