The Alan Shearer Adventure!

So this isn’t my usual post, but I thought I would share my adventure of the time I met Football legend Alan Shearer.

It all started when my friend Steven ask me to be his best man. I had never had this honour before so I was pretty nervous!

The nerves weren’t helped by the fact of a speech in front of a crowd! But I couldn’t let my life long friend down, so I started planning the speech to end all speeches. But the fact I’m dyslexic and suffer from crippling shyness I knew I would have to wow my friend, his bride and all the guest by doing what I do best. I planned an adventure.

The day of the wedding came around in no time, me and the groom shared a bed after the last night of freedom. He woke up at 5am suffering with nerves, I woke up at 5am suffering from a hangover.

We got ready and were at the church looking somehow human, I had the ring and a pocket full of change. Ready for the traditional gate being tied up by begging children. These kids had picked the wrong wedding, as a slightly tipsy me came out and launched a handful of 5ps into the air only for them to come crashing down on the kids heads…apologies to the kids and the one father.

Then it was my time, I was bricking it! I could hear the remaining 5ps in my pocket jingling like a Morris dancer! But I started my tale

In the build up to the wedding, knowing Steven is a huge Newcastle Utd fan and a even bigger Alan Shearer fan. I thought I could only get him one gift for his wedding….which was Alan Shearer!

I joined all these groups on the internet about Newcastle and Shearer, I even tried contacting his people. But nothing.

So I started commenting on these Newcastle posts on Facebook, trying my best to make me look and sound a Football mad Newcastle Utd fan! ‘Did you see the game last night, what was he thinking?’

Then out of nowhere a man called Graham (I call him Sir Graham), messaged the group saying he had a spare ticket to a meal……WITH ALAN BLOODY SHEARER! And somehow the comments I had been commenting on all this time….belonged to Sir Graham!

So I sent him a private message and the next day I got a response…’Hey mate, send me your address and I’ll post you the ticket’….I could not believe what was happening.

The ticket arrived as Sir Graham had said, and the meal was two nights before the wedding. It was in a hotel in Newcastle, which is about 2hrs drive from my house.

Me and Steven from the age of 14 had played football together for our local village team, which he and his family loved. His father was even the Sponsor of the club. So I thought if I can somehow sneak a none Newcastle shirt into a Newcastle Utd event I will win at life!

I headed down to Newcastle suited and booted, ready to blag my way through this die hard Newcastle crowd. On arrival I was escorted away from where the crowd was heading, turned out Sir Graham was fairly high up in the fan club and I had a V.I.P ticket!

I was shown into a lounge bar and given a free beer, feeling out of my depth and no knowledge of what was going on I needed some company. Spotting a casually dressed man who also looked confused as what he was doing there, I started a conversation. Within a couple minutes we were chatting about South America. He even bought me another beer. A man came and asked if we would like a photo together, why not!

My new mate turned out to be ex Newcastle Footballer Nobby Solano…from Peru, no wonder he knew a lot.

My mission continued, I had my meal and a talk from Shearer.

And then my chance……

Back to the wedding! I presented my friend with what he has described as the 3rd best thing in his life!

one signed shirt! To him and his wife!

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