#walk1000miles in 2018

I most certainly will be walking 1000miles this 2018, mainly because it is one of my favourite things to do!

So I thought I would give you some reasons to join me….


Walking is a great way to get to get healthy, if you can spend the day walking with friends, having a great time without realising the effect it’s having on you.

You don’t need to smash out 50km for it to have a benefit, 5km will be just as good.

I found myself losing 3 stone last year.

If you spend one hour a day walking, you’ll smash the 1000miles by the end of the year and you will also feel so much better in your body.


Getting outside with friends and family, is an amazing way to spend the weekend.

With no TV or modern life distractions, you find yourself becoming closer to people. You share something special and see some amazing things together.


My favourite!

I love taking groups trekking around the world, you see so much change in people.

Younger groups always seem to hate it when they start, but by the end on the way home all you hear is them talking about memories of it.

Adults find themselves pushing comfort zones and finding strengths and skills they never knew they had!


There is so many challenges out there to take part in, for you to raise money for some fantastic charities.

I took part in a 100km race (you don’t need to do that) for a charity. I had never covered that distance before! So thought what a great way to challenge myself.

I absolutely loved it, not only did I raise £1,000 I somehow managed to finish 11th.

I will be doing a few more this year.

If you have any ideas to walk 1000 miles I would love to hear them, I may even join you

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  1. I’m walking 1000 miles too. One of the best outcomes for me has been how much of a cathartic process a walk is: time on my own to mull things over without distractions.

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