Bye Bye 2017

A quick look back over 2017

Well it has been an eventful year, but a great one. 2017 was my first year of being self employed and my first year of trying to do all this social media lark! Both have been surprisingly successful, more then I ever expected.

The start of the year my friend Atata from Nicaragua came to stay, he instantly hit it of with my dad and a bizarre bromance between the two formed. They even went on a day out to Scarborough together.

We also had some random adventures when I was home in the U.K. we cycled from Yorkshire to Bristol, found snow (took a while), climbed lots of mountains, built my camper van and met Sir Ran Fiennes.

I also ran my first 100km race (first ever form of race). Raising just under £1000 for cancer research. I was joined on this by one of my best friends, who at first I thought would take a lot of talking into the idea. But he jumped at the chance!

I worked in some amazing places this year, Madagascar, Morocco, Switzerland and France.

Also had plenty of great days out hiking in the U.K

A great 2017

Now to get ready for 2018

Happy New Year Everyone


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  1. Wow, what an amazing year. Happy New Year!

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    1. Matt Kettlewell says:

      Happy New Year


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