Animals and Me


From a young age I have been mad about animals, growing up on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. I was lucky enough to have various pet lambs, pigs, dogs and cats! I also had an ability to find lots a injured animals, which I’d bring home to help nurse back to health! A lost homing pigeon, a injured owl and even a rare lizard I found in a delivery of sand for some building work.

As a teenager I helped at a bird of prey centre, I mainly weighed the birds to make sure they were a healthy weight and took the Harris Hawks on walks around the wood. I didn’t know it at the time, but this bird of prey centre was going to have a big impact on my life.


When I finished school I was a bit lost not knowing what to do with my life. I applied for several things. This lead me around the world, going on a plane for the first time and flying to Africa.

I had landed myself a job in a Rehabilitation centre for animals. Working mainly with birds, but having the chance to learn about and work with hippos, crocs, elephants, rhino, big cats, honey badgers and snakes. Baby Hippo

I spent my days doing medical checks, feeding and generally keeping the centre ticking. On the occasional day we’d be called out for rescues. Which meant I got experience catching snakes, moving sedated lions and moving Crocs.

All this at 18 was amazing.


When I finally returned home, I knew I wanted to work abroad and outside. With my love for adventure I set my sights on expeditions. These skills I gained helps me, to identify threats and also so my clients some amazing animals they wouldn’t normally see. if it’s finding pythons or Boas

Or removing Scorpions from toilets

Or just showing groups the things that they wouldn’t spot

Animals will always be a big part of my adventures and we should all do our part to let future generations experience these too.

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  1. Amen to all doing our bit for the planet! What a great journey you’ve had, to get into nature and outdoor work. Hope you’re loving every minute. #OutdoorBloggers

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