The Challenge

I’m often abroad with work and when I return one of the first thing I like to do. Is to go to my local pub, have a nice beer with my friends from Yorkshire. But they all seem to think to go on an adventure you’d have to spend a lot of money, which I don’t agree with at all. I often tell them some of my best trips have been in the UK for free.

But they seem to think adventure holidays all need to abroad and cost £1000s!

So to prove to them you can have great adventures abroad for under £100. The £100 came from how much they spend on beer and drinks on a big night out. I was challenged to get away


I got home on Thursday night and quickly looked on SkyScanner for some cheap flights.

Italy £70

Germany £60

Holland £40

Switzerland £20

So on seeing a flight to Geneva I booked it.

So from there I planned what I could do, Geneva is a 2hr bus ride from Chamonix in France. The town at the base of Mont Blanc, a place I’ve always wanted to go.

I found a nice little flat on Air BnB for £20 for two nights in Chamonix.

And I set of on my trip. I landed and got to Chamonix on the Friday night, cooked myself some food in my flat and headed out to explore the town. The statue of Jacques Balmat stands in the town, he was the first to summit Mont Blanc in 1786.

Now I knew I couldn’t join him, by standing at the summit of Mont Blanc in my 2days. So I looked at places I could climb to.

MER DE GLACE is a glacier above Chamonix. I’ve never been to a glacier before so I decided this was my goal.

So on the Saturday I climbed through the Ski resorts, which were not in use. As this time of year Chamonix is a bit of a Ghost town. I walked up through the forest following the trail into the clouds. The temperature dropped significantly at this height, and as I pushed on up, snow began to fall.

The mountain has a clear snow line, you go from clear ground to snow in a metre. Now I spend most of my time working in extremely hot environments and the UK doesn’t seem to get snow like we use to. I began to feel giddy, like a child again. Throwing snow balls at the trees to make the snow fall of the branches, throwing big blocks above my head covering myself in snow.

As I lay in the snow mid snow angel, two ladies walked out from behind a tree. I dread to think what they thought of me as I threw snow on myself. I presume they thought I was a wild mountain man as they quickly walked past!

I picked myself up and pushed on. I came up to the valley edge where I could see the Glacier in the distance, suddenly a huge boom from the other side broke the silence. A big rockfall came crashing down into the river below. I was glad I wasn’t down there. You could see as the sun heated the side, lose boulders came crashing down.

I followed the trail down to the glacier, which was covered in fresh snow with patches of bright blue ice breaking through the blanket of white. The peace of the valley was broken again and I expected rocks to come crashing down around me. But the noise was coming from the ice, now I have heard the noises from Glaciers on documentaries on tele. But in person it’s something else! Mesmerising, I sat whilst the noise of the ice breaking and shifting echoed down the valley. I sat for about an hour, before heading back down and heading back to the UK


I made it back on Sunday night in time for my friends 30th Birthday drinks.

Showing my friends they don’t need to worry about saving £1000s to have an adventure and hopefully showing you that the best adventure are usually the cheap ones. So next weekend get out and explore

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  1. Mark says:

    Great Idea! It goes to go what you can do with a weekend! I’m in the middle of something experimenting with even less time.

    Inspired by Alisdair Humphreys’ book, ‘Microadventures’, I’ve challenged myself to wild swimming every month in a different river, lake or sea in Northern Ireland. I started in July so I’m 4 months in out of 12.

    Just like you I’m seeing so much and learning about things I otherwise may not have bothered looking for! And many of these are less than an hour’s drive from where I live!

    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eli says:

    Brilliant! I am always, always complaining that I can’t do anything because I can’t afford it but you have just proved me very wrong, happily! I am off to see what flights I can find right now…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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