Layering Advice


People are often getting confused with the term layering when talking about gear. I find a lot of my groups don’t understand the correct way to do it, or they just think expensive is best. So after reading this I hopefully have given you a better understanding.



Basically theres 3 sections to layering

  1. A Baselayer
  2. Midlayer
  3. Outerlayer

The Baselayer

So this layer is a body temperature regulator, merino wool helps wick away moisture. Cotton keeps the moisture on your body, so when you sit down for a break you’ll find yourself getting colder quicker.


The Midlayer

This layer is there to trap the warmth your body generates, lightweight fleeces are great as they also wick away the moisture. others like soft-shell, down, synthetic are also great. For the U.K I recommend Synthetic over down as the the down tends to clump together when wet and looses its ability to insulate.


The Outerlayer 

These are usually layers to protect from wind and rain and are often lightweight. These layers should allow vapours to pass through, or you’ll find condensation inside your jacket.



Hot and Dry

A base layer


Sunny and Dry

Baselayer and Fleece


Warm and Wet

Baselayer and Outerlayer


Windy and Cold

Baselayer, Midlayer and Outerlayer


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