Training for my Adventures

I have never been a Gym type person, preferring to exercise outdoors. The idea of the huge Arnold Schwarzenegger type people grunting in a corner has kept me away. 

I tend to train at home or outdoors taking part in sports. All counts as training and keeps me in shape for my next expedition or adventure.

Climbing Walls are a great place to get a full body workout
Training can be fun
I like to test myself by taking part in 100km endurance races, trying to keep my fitness training interesting

I cycle and run 3/4 for times a week, sometimes I have the odd game of football (mainly run around chasing the ball). This all acts as good cardio, which most of my trips need and you can’t beat a hill day to also get you trained up. 


I do a bit of weight training, due the amount of kit and gear I have to shift around doing the logistics or just general long distance treks. For this I train my legs using Squats, lunges and calf raises. All body weight, sometimes with my rucksack filled up to 25kg.

I also do a lot of body weight work, press ups, dips, pull ups and burpees. 


My core work out all depends how I feel, bicycle kicks, sit up cross overs and Russian twist make up most of my routine.


At home/in the U.K I tend to eat a lot bean and pea protein, I have a lot of eggs too thanks to my garden chickens. The rest of my food is mostly veg and fruit with nuts as snacks. 

I avoid all crap, processed food and fast food. Sometimes treating myself to a good pub feast. 

I hope this has been helpful, if you need any advice just ask 

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