The Things you don’t see

The things you don’t see
So I know the adventure industry is becoming fashionable and you now see on things like Instagram half naked ladies in full make up up a mountain, or a man with perfect hair and huge hipster beard sitting on a cliff edge. And I often see people on social media who also seem to want to hop on the band wagon, people who spend years sharing that one time they climbed a somewhere or the time they did a bike ride.

So I thought I would give you an insight to things you don’t see behind my photos 

So when I come across the amazing locations in my photos (like above) what you don’t see is the fact I usually have a group of clients behind me. So after I’ve let the group get the photos they want and checked on them all, if I have time I’ll pull out my camera and get a quick shot.

The younger groups don’t believe I have Instagram though.

By Alex Frood

Or sometimes when I’m out working (above in Morocco) I’m lucky enough to have professional photographers come with. They send me the shots they don’t want and I thank them for some absolute Gems 

By Alex Frood

And when I’m up mountains, you want the picture to remind you of your trip and the challenge. It’s hard to get it as usually there is other people thinking the same thing…. dam those legs!

So this is a little insight to behind some of my photos, want to know more just ask

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