The use of a Bothy

I know lots of outdoor lovers who love the Bothies in Scotland, an isolated little hut/cottage to stay the night in. Sitting in front of a stove or fire place after a day hiking through the highlands.

But are they now starting to be used in the wrong way?

With website like doing an article on free places to stay in the UK, listing it’s favourite Bothies to stay in. Are people now using them for places to drink and party?

I have had a few bad experiences recently at some Bothies, one being full of left over food and beer cans. And another was full with music blaring from a portable speaker! Am I the only one who has come across this?

I know this sounds like the moaning of an old man (I’m 29) but I’m starting to feel these little gems in the middle of nowhere are now being abused.

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