The Yorkshire Dales

As a proud Yorkshire man, I really love my home county. I’m from the wonderful Wensleydale (yes the Cheese), a place full of hidden beauty. But it seems the only visitors I see when I am home in the U.K, is cyclists following the Tour de France route.

When I’m abroad on expeditions, I find my stumbling across dry stone walls and rolling hills, and being instantly reminded of home. The Dales are beautiful and Wild, With lots of hidden treasures.

So I thought I’d share with the lucky few who read this, my 3 hidden gems of Wensleydale.

These are all up between Bainbridge and Hawes

1. Semer Water

2. The ruined Church of Stalling Busk

For a village of about 15 residents, the old church’s graveyard is home to over 700 graves.

3. The hidden waterfalls!

I’ve marked them on a map for you, but I think the 3 waterfalls are one of my favourite places in the world. I won’t ruin the surprise if you go with a lot of photos, but here’s a teaser 

So please go and enjoy these little gems of the Yorkshire Dales and let me know what you think.

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