I have been away for awhile now due to a busy summer, which has been spent in the heat of Madagascar. A country I have always wanted to visit.

Working as an expedition Leader I get a wide range of clients, from normal day to day people, to sciencists or even a school group. Madagascar was a very posh private school from the U.K.

Landing in Tanna the group were hit with the culture shock straight away. Stepping out the airport to have a dozen men try and grab their bags demanding money.

Once I got the group out of the capital, on what was a very interesting eight hour bus journey. The group relaxed.

We were heading for a project to help build a house in a small community, the location was amazing!

The first morning there, we woke up to lots of people. As where we camped was a market place!

After the project, I took the team trekking. Just a short 5day trek into one of the nations parks. Amazing place. The heat was scorching, but trying to get teenagers up early to be the heat was near impossible.

The strangest incident I had, was explaining to the group whilst by a huge sign saying ‘NO SWIMMING SHARKS’ that they could not go swimming.

But as a country, I feel Madagascar is up there as one of the nicest places I’ve been. People very welcoming, landscapes are amazing and the wildlife was brilliant

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