So currently I am in the process of planning a U.K based adventure.

As a Yorkshire man who grew up next to a small lake called Semer Water, I’ve always wondered where I could get to if I headed down the river! Would it take me to the pub? Or further! 

So I thought what a great place to Start from! The place which over the years, every time I’ve been abroad I’ve missed. My little Yorkshire Lake. 

So I thought I can Kayak the Bain (the uks shortest river) which leaves the lake, to the Ure. But I didn’t want to go to the North Sea,   I wanted the distance to be further and more testing then just floating out to sea!

So I studied river and waterways and found I can actually get to London! A place I’ve been to less times then Hanoi in Vietnam. My home nations capital.

When I get to London then what? So what if I cycle back to the lake! Give my legs a bit of stretch. Then I thought what to do when I get back to the lake? Why not walk back to London? All this sounds like madness, but that’s what is tempting me! 

Kayak from The Yorkshire Dales to London 

Cycle from London to The Yorkshire Dales

And then Walk back to London!

I will keep you updated with this plan in my Blog and social Media


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