Jungles, Volcanoes and Coca Cola part 2

After battling the jungles of Costa Rica, I headed up through Nicaragua. Which is so different to its neighbour to the south! Costa Rica with rich tropical rainforest and guaranteed rain most afternoons! Nicaragua is dry and hot, and has suffered from a drought for the last seven years. I discovered from the old maps, once large rivers are now just dry boulder fields.

The people from Nicaragua are very friendly and would often help with places for us to sleep. A ladies garage, schools, village halls and the odd barn. Our tents pretty much stayed packed away. The group did struggle with the fact we couldn’t wash very often. My T-shirt dried stiff one day from all the dirt, dead skin and sweat! It was disgusting, but it showed how different our lives in the UK were. 

In both of these countries in the middle of nowhere you would come across pulpareas (probably spelt wrong) which are small shops. These provided everyone with a rare treat away from the stream water and pasta we had been living on! Coca Cola would send everyone on crazy little sugar rushes and have everyone in giggling fits!

End of part 2!!

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