Jungles, Volcanos and Coca Cola! Part 1

The thought of trekking through Central America had never really crossed my mind. When you think of jungles you think the amazon! So when I was offered the chance to lead an expedition across Central America, I was at first a bit unsure if I should take it. But the adventure of going somewhere new was to great and I accepted.

I arrived at the base camp, where the logistics and medics had already been for a week getting ready for the clients to arrive. We had a couple training sessions on medical evacuations from the jungle environment, and how to inject an orange with medication (some of these oranges found their way back into the kitchen).

So fresh on medicated oranges, I was sent to look at the jungle route. I was driven to the start of the jungle and dropped off. Then told I had three days to get through it! Feeling a bit concerned I headed into the jungle with my friend Atata to help me with my Spanish. The mud in the Costa Rican jungle is like nothing I’ve seen before! You could think you are walking on solid ground then suddenly your foot sinks into a pool of smelly orange mud! So the two of us spent most of the days pulling each other out of a mud pit! We marked our route on our map from the 1980s (maps are hard to find in Costa Rica).

A rare break on the first road after the jungle, with a quick check over by Alice the medic.
So back to base camp we headed to meet the guys who had signed up to trek across Costa Rica with me.

All the group were fresh out of university and enthusiastic! This was all about to be tested with a gruelling 5day battle through the Jungle! All these guys made it, but all at some point came up to me asking to go home! Once they had made it through the jungle full of snakes, mud and bullet ants they had 20days of walking on a lot nicer terrain. 

To be continued 

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