My First Blog! People who’ve inspired me to live an Adventures lifestyle

I’ve always know from a young age I wanted to travel and take part in amazing adventures! At school telling my careers officer I wanted to be an explorer was always met with a blaze of laughter! But whilst my dreams were being squashed in the school environment, I found inspiration all over the place! From walking and exploring my local area, to a trip to Dundee! Inspiration was everywhere to keep my dream alive. So here are my top 5 people who helped me keep my dream going..

Bruce Parry

a former royal marine and expedition leader, his books and BBC series Tribe was incredible. Bruce travels to remote areas to stay with tribes. Explorering their culture and way of life. He shows how the modern world is changing the way they live and brings light upon such problems as deforestation and poaching.

Levison Wood

A former army officer and history graduate, Levs books are in such detail it brings his journey alive! His current expeditions of walking the length he f the Nile, Himalayas and Central America (sorry Lev I beat you by two weeks). The epic Nile journey where he witnessed war zones, dangerous wildlife and even the death of a walking companion. The Himalayas where he suffered a horrendous car accident on the only part of the trip where he didn’t walk! He has also just been on a theatre tour, I recommend going to see him live!

Ed Stafford

Ed now known for his survival shows on the discovery channel, where he’s stranded somewhere remote with nothing and has to survive are very good shows. Not to sure about the vomiting so hard he loses a tooth though. But Ed also was the first man the walk the entire length of the Amazon river! Which earns a lot of respect from me, I’ve spent months in jungles but Ed spent years battling his way through. Avoiding snakes and cocaine factories along the way!

Bear Grylls

not everyone’s choice, but Bear has made the outdoors popular again! His tv show though sometimes far fetched has got millions watching and wanting to get out there! Many of my clients usually come kitted out in Bear Grylls branded clothing or with his knives and fire strikers! He has also started a bushcraft school, teaching kids and adults basic survival skills.

George Mallory

George sadly died trying to be the first to summit Mount Everest, but he had a great philosophy to live. When asked why go risk your life climbing Everest, his response was pure and simple

‘Because it’s there!’

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